Shiva Music: The Famous Music and Film Productions Brand Which Achieved Milestones With Its Emergent Plan Of Actions.

Ruling social media with its entertaining content requires a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication. Shiva Music is one such example that is currently one of the biggest music brands and now it has turned into a corporate. After years of diligence and patience, Shiva Music has gained over millions of subscribers. SS Films Sonar Bangla, Shiva Music Jhollywood, Shiva Music Hamar Jharkhand, Shiva Music Regional, Shiva Music Bhojpuri MrCineFines, and Shiva Music Amar Bangla are some of the channels under Shiva Music that have reached 1,00,000 subscribers in the year 2018.

Ms. Preeti Priya, the current owner and the major shareholder of the firm’s determination is the reason behind Shiva Music’s growth. The Shiva Music Amar Bangla has also reached 10,00,000 subscribers in the year 2020. Youtube recognized its achievement and awarded it with a Gold button award.  When the current CEO was asked about the achievement, she said, "In social media, your strategic skills and your diligence will lead you to the top." By keeping their nose to the grindstone, the entire team of Shiva Music has expanded their firm to several regions.

Shiva Music(previously known as Shiva Cassettes)  manufactured Cassettes and Cds of Nagpuri language until the year 2014. Mr. Yash Raj Suneja, the current major shareholder of the company, changed the company’s logo and name. In no time, his efforts took this firm to the height of victory, and Shiva Music entered into several regional languages. Today, Shiva Music continues to entertain people in languages like  Bhojpuri, Khortha, Bangla, Santhali, Ho Munda, Sambalpuri, Odia, and others and it is one of the greatest Music and Film Productions Firm we have. When the current owner was asked about their future endeavors, she said, "We plan on expanding in all regional languages. We also hope that with proper execution of plans, we will be able to make it big in the Hindi Film Industry."  Shiva Music’s major shareholders aspire to make it the biggest brand. It might be no less than a challenge but with their zeal, we all know that they will be able to make Shiva Music, one of the biggest brands in the country.

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