Mumbai teen climbs atop train coach to take selfies, holds high voltage wire; critical

Apr 16 2019 01:06 PM
Mumbai teen climbs atop train coach to take selfies, holds high voltage wire; critical

Mumbai: In a shocking incident from Mumbai, a teenager suffered 75 percent burns while taking selfies. According to the sources, a teenager named Kushal Bheda, climbed up a train coach to click selfies. The incident allegedly took place at the railway yard situated near the Ram Mandir station. 

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The victim had gone out to the railway yard to play cricket when the incident occurred. The father of the victim alleged that he had climbed up the coach to click selfies. The family alleged that the 13-year-old had gone out at around 11 am. He was allegedly being accompanied by four or five of his friends. The father of the victim said that when he returned home for lunch, he received a phone call from the police. The police allegedly told him about his son's critical condition and asked him to reach the Ram Mandir station. 

Following the incident, the victim was rushed to the Siddharth Hospital in Goregaon before being shifted to the SRV Hospital. Because the injury of the victim was serious, the doctors suggested shifting the victim to a specialty hospital. The victim was then moved to the KEM Hospital and further to the Kasturba Hospital at Chinchpokli. The father alleged that when the victim climbed to a coach, he lost his balance and in a reflex, he held on to an equipment wire. The victim suffered burns owing to the high voltage of the wire. The victim was brought down by porters.

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