Mumbai traffic police to observe "No Honking Day" on These Days
Mumbai traffic police to observe

MUMBAI:  The Mumbai traffic authorities are set to observe "No Honking Day" on both August 9th and 16th, 2023. The aim of this initiative is to tackle the prevalent issue of excessive honking among motorists. Unnecessary honking has been identified as a contributor to noise pollution, which in turn adversely affects people's well-being. To address this concern, the traffic police have chosen to dedicate these specific days to the cause of silence on the roads, dubbing them as "No Honking Day."

In accordance with the directives put forth by the Mumbai traffic police, all drivers are strongly advised to ensure that the horns and exhaust systems of their vehicles adhere to the stipulated guidelines outlined in the Central Motor Vehicle Rules of 1989. Additionally, it has been explicitly stated that punitive measures will be taken against those who engage in unwarranted honking.

To be more precise, individuals who are found to be honking without legitimate cause will be subjected to action under section 194 (F) of the MV Act. Moreover, those who have made modifications to their vehicle's silencers or exhaust pipes in violation of the norms set forth in section 198 of the M.V. Act will also face consequences, as highlighted in the official order.

The directive further underscores the message by calling upon all drivers and riders within the city of Mumbai to join in this effort. The appeal is extended to everyone, except for emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire brigades, to abstain from using their vehicle horns on both August 9th and 16th, 2023, as well as on other days beyond these specified dates.

This isn't the first time the Mumbai traffic authorities have taken action on this matter. In June, they observed a similar "no honking" initiative on June 14th, urging the residents of Mumbai to actively participate in the campaign against unnecessary honking.

The significance of this initiative lies in the potential health complications caused by noise pollution. Previous research conducted by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) identified traffic noise as a key contributor to noise pollution, which can have serious repercussions on people's health.

To mitigate the effects of noise pollution, both the Supreme Court and High Courts have established comprehensive guidelines and restrictions. These measures are aimed at regulating decibel levels and controlling horn usage, particularly in residential areas and silence zones. Silence zones encompass locations like hospitals, courts, religious sites, and educational institutions. In these zones, noise levels exceeding 40 decibels during the night hours are strictly prohibited.


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