After marriage, this famous actress had an affair, made shocking revelation herself

Veteran actress Mumtaz, who won the hearts of people in one round, has once again shocked everyone with her new statement. In fact, Mumtaz has revealed about the affair that she had after her husband Mayur Madhwani's affair. Mumtaz made her Bollywood debut in the year 1958 and in that era, she was only 11 years old. Yes, and in her era, Mumtaz was a very big star and she has given many hit films with Rajesh Khanna, which you must have seen. In that period Rajesh and Mumtaz were a popular onscreen couple. However, in the meantime, the actress took a break and after 13 years again made a comeback in the film Andhiyaan in 1990. However, after that Mumtaz again quit acting.

Now Mumtaz told about her and her husband's affair years later. Talking to a famous website, the actress said, "It is easy for men to have an affair. My husband wasn't other than just one. I respect him because he himself told me about it. He said he liked a girl in the US. But then he said that Mumtaz, you are my wife. I love you and will continue to love you. I'm never going to leave you. But today it's a forgotten story for us. I'm sorry, God does it once in a lifetime. I've been like a queen. My husband never let me have any problem with anything.''

Talking about her affair, Mumtaz said, "After that, I started feeling lonely. I was a little rubbish. I felt so bad that's why I came to India. So I had an affair, but he wasn't serious. There were just a few moments of phase which ended quickly. I'm lucky that my husband loves me so much. If I get even a little sick, there is a commotion. This is not the first time Mumtaz has spoken about the affair. In fact, while talking to a famous website earlier, Mumtaz had said that after marriage, her husband had an affair with someone else. After that, she also had an affair with someone else.

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