Punjab Municipal election: AAP demands recounting of votes
Punjab Municipal election: AAP demands recounting of votes

The results of the civic elections are being announced in Punjab on Wednesday. These elections have been held under the shadow of the agitation of farmers led by Punjab against agricultural laws. In the results that have been revealed so far, Congress seems to be getting a huge lead and Congress has won in many municipal corporations and panchayats of the state.

In Gurdaspur, in 29 wards, the Congress has won all and the leaf of the opponents seems to be clear. It has been learned that Sunny Deol is BJP MP from Gurdaspur Lok Sabha. There has been heavy opposition in Punjab amidst the agitation of farmers. Apart from Gurdaspur, the Congress party is also seen winning in most of the wards in Pathankot, Bathinda, Kapurthala. In Pathankot, 13 of the 50, Congress in Bhathinda and Kapurthala have won the elections unilaterally. The special thing is that in many municipal corporations, independent candidates have done better than BJP or Akali Dal.

If the civic elections were held in the year 2017, then this time also the Congress has retained its record and has completely captured it. In 2017, Congress captured Patiala, Amritsar, and Jalandhar Municipal Corporation. The foundation of the agrarian movement started against the agricultural laws brought by the central government was found in Punjab itself. This was the reason that everyone was watching the civic elections this time. These civic elections in Punjab came to be known as the litmus test of the peasant movement, in which the Congress party is seen winning.

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