'Munjya' showed its magic on Saturday, there was a huge jump in earnings, know the collection of the second day
'Munjya' showed its magic on Saturday, there was a huge jump in earnings, know the collection of the second day

The horror-comedy film 'Munja' featuring Sharvari Wagh and Abhay Verma, has received a positive response from audiences since its release. Released on Friday, the film's storyline has captivated fans. As the movie completes two days since its release, let's dive into the box office collection 'Munja' has amassed on its second day.

'Munja' Second Day Collection

The trailer of 'Munja' was well-received, and the makers have released the film across approximately 1,600 screens. Although the buzz around the film isn't at its peak, there is optimism that positive word-of-mouth will draw more viewers in the coming days. The opening day collection was quite impressive, and now the second day's earnings have been reported.

According to Sacnilk's data, 'Munja' collected ₹4.21 crore on its opening day. Now, the second day's figures are in, and 'Munja' has collected ₹6.75 crore. This brings the film's total earnings to ₹10.75 crore in just two days.

India's First Computer-Generated Imagery Film

Several media reports suggest that 'Munja' had a budget of ₹30 crore. If the film maintains its current momentum, it is expected to approach its budget by the end of the weekend. Notably, 'Munja' is India's first CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) film, a significant milestone in the Indian film industry.

Film's Storyline Resonates with Audiences

'Munja' has a duration of 2 hours and 3 minutes and has received a U/A certificate from the censor board. The film does not boast a large cast, which allowed the makers to focus extensively on the story and other elements. This focus has paid off, as audiences are thoroughly enjoying the film. Thanks to trending positive reviews and excellent word-of-mouth, the total collection of the film has surpassed ₹10 crore. It will be interesting to see how Sharvari Wagh's film performs at the box office in its first week.

The Plot of the Film

The story is set in 1952, where a boy is denied marriage to Munni, a girl seven years older than him. The boy's head is forcibly shaved, and Munni is married off to someone else. That night, the boy, along with his sister, performs black magic under a peepal tree. The boy dies due to his head being shaved, which leads to his transformation into 'Munja,' a demon who torments his own family in search of Munni.

Audience Reception and Future Prospects

'Munja' has garnered attention for its unique storyline and CGI effects, making it a standout in the horror-comedy genre. The initial response has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating a strong potential for growth in its audience base. As word-of-mouth continues to spread, the film is expected to draw even larger crowds to theaters.

Cast and Crew Highlights

Sharvari Wagh and Abhay Verma have delivered commendable performances, adding depth and authenticity to their characters. The direction and visual effects have been particularly praised, setting a new benchmark for Indian cinema in terms of CGI implementation.

Box Office Predictions

Given the current trajectory, 'Munja' is on track to perform exceptionally well over the next few days. With the weekend approaching, it is anticipated that the film will see a significant boost in its box office collections. If the trend continues, 'Munja' might even surpass its budget within the first week.

Critical Acclaim and Reviews

Critics have lauded 'Munja' for its innovative use of CGI and its engaging narrative. The film's blend of horror and comedy has struck a chord with audiences, offering a refreshing change from typical genre films. The performances of the lead actors, along with the film's technical achievements, have been widely appreciated.

Marketing and Promotions

The marketing strategy for 'Munja' played a crucial role in its initial success. The well-crafted trailer and strategic promotions created a buzz that translated into strong box office numbers. Continued promotions and positive reviews are expected to sustain the film's momentum.

Challenges and Competition

Despite its strong start, 'Munja' faces competition from other films releasing around the same time. However, its unique appeal and positive reception give it a competitive edge. The film's success will largely depend on its ability to maintain audience interest and draw new viewers in the coming weeks. 'Munja' has made a remarkable impact with its innovative approach and compelling storyline. As the film continues to attract audiences, it stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of Indian cinema. With its successful blend of horror and comedy, 'Munja' is set to be a memorable addition to the genre.

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