Naga Sadhu Mahant Kanhaiya Das brutally murdered in Ayodhya, accused arrested

Apr 04 2021 01:15 PM
Naga Sadhu Mahant Kanhaiya Das brutally murdered in Ayodhya, accused arrested

Ayodhya: A monk has been brutally murdered in Ramnagari Ayodhya. Police are questioning the detention of the accused. Also, the Panchayatnama of the body has been filled and sent for postmortem. Primarily, the reason for the murder is believed to be the ongoing dispute over land and house.

This case is from the Raiganj Chaki area of ​​Ayodhya Kaitwali. Where the Naga Sadhu Kanhaiya Das, 45 years disciple, Rambaran Das, dead body seen which was soaked with blood. Local sadhus informed the police about this. A large number of Naga monks gathered there on sight. SP City, CO, Kotwal, and Finger Experts reached the spot along with the police force. Police took possession of the body and sent it for postmortem. There is a possibility of murder at seven o'clock in the night. On the complaint of the deceased monk's Gurubhai Ramanuj Das, the nominee Abhiyag has been registered in the Kotwali Ayodhya.

At the same time, the police are interrogating the detention of the accused Gelu Das alias Shashikant Das. SSP Shailesh Pandey has also questioned Arapei in a closed room in Kaitwali. Accused Gelu Das is Gurubhai of the deceased. He was having a quarrel with Kanhaiya Das over the purchase of a house and land, whose case is under consideration in the court.

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