In America, Rahul Gandhi gave a statement to please the 'Muslim vote bank'
In America, Rahul Gandhi gave a statement to please the 'Muslim vote bank'

Washington: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is on a 10-day visit to the US these days, from where new statements are coming out every day. However, in Rahul's statements all the time, the target is PM Narendra Modi and the central government. Speaking to the media at the National Press Club in Washington DC, Rahul Gandhi said about the Congress alliance with the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) in Kerala, The Muslim League is a completely secular party, there is nothing non-secular about the Muslim League.  At the same time, it is believed that this statement of Rahul Gandhi is to woo the Muslim vote bank, so that just as Muslims voted unilaterally in Karnataka, in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, this community will also vote for the Congress except SP-BSP, TMC, AIMIM.  


At the same time, Rahul Gandhi said that the freedom of the press is becoming weak in India, which is well known and everyone knows this. Institutions in India are definitely occupied. "I think freedom of the press is important for a democracy and criticism should be heard. It's not just press freedom, it's happening everywhere. The institutional structure is also being clamped down." Rahul Gandhi said that you should ask this question to PM Narendra Modi. I don't know how you will do it, but you should ask. I raise questions so the voice is being suppressed.

On one hand, while Rahul Gandhi is calling the Muslim League completely secular, he has described the BJP as deeply communal.  Attacking the ruling BJP government, he said the BJP was promoting polarisation in the country. This dirty politics of BJP is harming India. On the question of opposition in India, Rahul said that the opposition parties in the country are very united. "We are in talks with all the opposition. I think a better job is being done."

Rahul Gandhi even after going abroad, he has made this claim regarding the 2024 elections

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