Rahul Gandhi even after going abroad, he has made this claim regarding the 2024 elections

New Delhi: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, who arrived in the US late on Thursday night (Indian time), targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi fiercely. Responding to media queries at the National Press Club in Washington, he said one of the reasons for winning the Karnataka elections was unemployment and rising prices. We cannot say that the Indian economy is doing very well. "The opposition is coming together and we will defeat the BJP. You need independent institutions that do not succumb to anybody's pressure. The independence of institutions is being clamped down. The freedom of the press in India is weakening, which is not hidden from anyone and this is known to all. I think freedom of the press is important for a democracy and criticism should be heard. It's not just freedom of the press, it's happening everywhere. The institutional structure is also being clamped down."  

Referring to Muslims, he said that all Indians have the right to freedom of expression and freedom to practice their religion. He said the BJP promotes hatred and divides the society. Institutions and media are definitely occupied. I toured across the country, there was anger among the people. It is true that China has occupied our land and this is totally unacceptable. On our territory occupied by China, I don't know why the Prime Minister thinks differently. India already has a very strong system. However, this system has become weak. But it is not that there is no system. If democratic dialogue is possible, these issues will be resolved automatically. Under the BJP government, the wealth gap has arisen due to rising prices and record unemployment. It is difficult to believe what Prime Minister Modi claims to have achieved on the economic front.

On Kejriwal's support for the Centre's ordinance on service matters in Delhi, he said that internal discussions are taking place. The opposition is united. We will defeat the BJP. I don't think Prime Minister Modi will win 2024. There is a war going on in India. There is a vision, a polarising vision, which the BJP is promoting. There is another vision, which is inclusive democratic and it is huge. "I think the Congress party will do very well in the next two years. Let's wait and see the next three or four state elections. A better indicator of what's going to happen. People will get a surprise in the next elections. Asked what his party would do to ensure the rights of minorities in India if voted to power, India already has a very strong system, (but) that system has become weak. Institutions should be independent, with no pressure and control. This has been the norm in India. If Congress comes to power, this work will be done again. "

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