Must read or listen to this story on Thursday, you will get happiness and prosperity
Must read or listen to this story on Thursday, you will get happiness and prosperity

The day of Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and on this day, fasting is observed and worshiped by him. Let us also tell you that Jupiter Dev is also worshiped on Thursday and by doing this one gets wealth, education, honor, prestige and many other desired results. On the other hand, if religious texts are to be believed, there is a law to worship Lord Jupiter on Thursday. Let us tell you that by listening to the fast and the story on Thursday, happiness and prosperity remains in the family. Now we tell you the story of Thursday's fast.

Thursday Vrat Katha: According to the legend, it is a matter of ancient times. A big majestic and charitable king used to rule in a kingdom. He used to get virtue by keeping a fast on every Thursday and helping the poor and downtrodden, but this thing was not liked by his queen. She neither fasted nor believed in charity. Not only this, she used to forbid the king to do the same. Once upon a time, the king went to the forest to play hunting. There was a queen and a maid in the house. At the same time, Guru Brihaspati Dev, taking the form of a monk, came to the king's door asking for alms. When the monk asked for alms from the queen, she started saying, O Sadhu Maharaj, I am fed up with this charity and virtue. Please suggest any such remedy, so that all the money is destroyed and I can live comfortably. Hearing this, Brihaspati Dev said, O Goddess, you are very strange, because of children and wealth, someone is unhappy.

If there is more money, then use it in auspicious works, get unmarried girls married, build schools and gardens, so that both your worlds will improve. But the queen was not happy with these words of the monk. He said that I do not need such money, which I can donate and all my time is wasted in handling it. Then the monk said, if you have such a desire, then you should do as I tell you. On Thursday, you cover the house with cow dung, wash your hair with yellow soil, ask the king to shave, use meat and liquor in the food, let the clothes be washed in the washerman. In this way, all your wealth will be destroyed by doing seven Thursdays.

Saying this, Brihaspati Dev became intrigued in the form of a sage. According to the monk, while fulfilling the things said, only three Thursdays had passed to the queen that all her wealth and property were destroyed. The king's family began to yearn for food. Then one day the king said to the queen that O queen, you stay here, I go to another country, because everyone here knows me. That's why I can't do any small work. Saying this the king went to another country. There he would cut wood from the forest and sell it in the city. In this way he started living his life. Here, as soon as the king went abroad, the queen and the maid started living unhappy. Once when the queen and the maid had to live without food for seven days, the queen said to her maidservant, O maidservant, my sister lives in a nearby town. He is very rich. You go to him and bring something, so that you can live for a while. The maid went to the queen's sister. That day was Thursday and the queen's sister was listening to the story of Thursday fast.

The maid gave her queen's message to the queen's sister, but the queen's elder sister did not reply. When the maid did not get any answer from the queen's sister, she was very sad and she also got angry. The maid came back and told the whole thing to the queen. Hearing this, the queen cursed her fate. On the other hand, the queen's sister thought that my sister's maid had come, but I did not speak to her, it must have made her very sad. After hearing the story and finishing the puja, she came to her sister's house and started saying, O sister, I was fasting on Thursday. Your maid had come to my house, but till the time the story happens, she neither wakes up nor speaks, so I did not speak. Tell me why the maid had come.

The queen said, sister, what should I hide from you, there is no grain to eat in our house. The queen's eyes filled with tears while saying this. She told her sister the whole thing about being hungry for the last seven days, including the maid. The queen's sister said, Look sister, Lord Brihaspatidev fulfills everyone's wishes. Look, there may be grains kept in your house. At first, the queen did not believe, but on the request of her sister, she sent her maid inside, then she actually found a pitcher full of grains. The maid was very surprised to see this. The maid started saying to the queen, O queen, when we do not get food, we do fast, so why not ask them the method of fasting and story, so that we too can fast. Then the queen asked her sister about the Thursday fast. Saki sister told, in Thursday's fast, offer gram dal and dry grapes in the root of banana and light a lamp, listen to the fast story and eat only yellow food. Brihaspatidev and Lord Vishnu are pleased with this.

After telling the method of fasting and worship, the queen's sister returned to her house. When Thursday came after seven days, the queen and the maid kept a fast. She went to the stall and brought gram and jaggery. Then he worshiped the root of the banana and Lord Vishnu. Now both became very sad about the concern of yellow food. Since he had kept a fast, Brihaspatidev was pleased with him. He assumed the form of an ordinary person and gave yellow food in two plates to the maid. The maid was pleased after getting the food and then took the food together with the queen. After that she started fasting and worshiping on all Thursdays. By the grace of Brihaspati Dev, wealth and property came to him again, but the queen again started laziness as before. Then the maid said, Look queen, you used to be lazy like this before, you used to have trouble keeping money. Because of this, all the wealth was destroyed and now when you have got the money by the grace of Lord Brihaspati, you have started feeling laziness again.

Explaining to the queen, the maid says that we have got this money after a lot of troubles. That is why we should do charity, feed the hungry and spend money in auspicious works. With this, the fame of your family will increase, heaven will be attained and the ancestors will be happy. Following the advice of the maid, the queen started spending her money in auspicious works. Due to this his fame started increasing in the whole city. After fasting on Thursday, aarti should be performed with reverence. After this, after distributing the prasad, it should be accepted.

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