Must read spiritual books of all time !
Must read spiritual books of all time !

There are many books on spirituality. Here we bring you the must read spiritual books that can change your perspective towards the contemporary world.

1. Saints that Moved the World: This book has tale of 5 the most popular Christian saints who inspire you and they are St. Francis, St. Anthony, St. Ignatius, St. Theresa, and St. Augustine.

2. The Kingdom of God is Within You: This book tells the importance of non-violence in life, it is the same book which changed the life of Gandhi and his perspective.

3. The Spiritual Teachings of Ramana Maharshi: This book has the record of Ramana Maharshi's teachings. It is said, at the age of 17, the saint has experienced deeply of divine self.

4 Gandhi: An Autobiography: As it is an autobiography, so it describes the thoughts, the inspiration of Gandhiji.  

5. The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna: In this book, Ramakrishna's words of wisdom and teachings are written for the ages. The book is incredible.

6. Journey of Souls: The book is a record of experiences of life after death. Dr. Newton hypnotized many patients and asked about each one their own unique- but similar- experiences. This includes things like karma, past lives, and being reborn.

7. Meister Eckhart: Christianity’s most beloved saint Eckhart's thoughts and sayings are pen down in this book. It contains excerpts from his preaching, sayings, and informal dialogues with other followers.

8. Mahabharata: It considered as the oldest Indian epic of around 2,000 years ago when this Indian epic was written and became one of the most important texts in Hinduism.


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