Mustered oil protects against cancer

Mustard oil is used to make food, it is also very beneficial for our health. There are abundant nutrients in it. Our ear pain helps in relieving the problems of joints pain like arthritis pain. 

1- If your teeth are having pain or swollen gums, then mix a little salt in mustard oil and massage your gums in the morning and evening. Doing this will ease the pain of your teeth and the gums stay healthy too. 

2- Mustard oil contains some such substances that prevent cancer cells from growing in the body. By consuming it daily, you can avoid a dangerous disease like cancer. 

3- If there is pain in your body somewhere, then massage with mustard oil, massage with mustard oil gets hot in your body, and the muscles get stronger too. By using this, the blood circulation in the body is rapid. 

4- In a problem of cold cough, add a spoonful of mustard oil and put it on the chest, if you want to get some relief, then add some cumin seeds in this oil and cook it, and then massage it with chest. By doing so, the problem of cold wounds gets cured.


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