Muzaffarpur Shelter Home Rape Case: Ink thrown at main accused Brajesh Thakur
Muzaffarpur Shelter Home Rape Case: Ink thrown at main accused Brajesh Thakur

The entire nation is shocked because of the hideous act in Muzaffarpur Shelter Home Rape Case. The main accused of the Muzaffarpur Rape Case,  Brajesh Thakur who was present for the hearing today, the ink was thrown at him and women tried to put the soot on his face. It is being told that in spite of so much protection in the court premises, the protesters succeeded in expressing their anger and threw the ink on the face of Thakur. 

In the Muzaffarpur shelter home, after 34 cases of rape, the people had a lot of age against the accused including the state people. Its anger was seen in the court on Wednesday. According to media reports, security was tightened and a large number of police forces were present there but still, the protestors managed to throw ink. They also tried to put the soot on the face of Thakur. 


It was found that Thakur has been accused of getting the protection of the state government. Because of this also there is anger in people about it. On the other hand, Thakur has alleged that he was going to contest the elections by joining the Congress and hence he is being targetted. He claimed that no child has been treated badly. He also said that the business of other newspapers was going to the loss due to his newspaper, so they have conspired and targetted him. 

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