Medusa, The Lake That Turns Animals to Stone?
Medusa, The Lake That Turns Animals to Stone?

You must have heard the story of that king in your childhood, who gets a boon that the thing he touches will be of gold. But today we're telling you a story you won't even believe. Instead of the king here, a lake has similar power and things become stone instead of gold. We're going to tell you about this lake, which you'll be surprised to hear about.

The name of the lake is Lake Natron, which is located in northern Tanzania. The story behind it is told by photographer Nick Brandt. Photographer Nick Brandt shocked him by the scene when he reached the shoreline of Natron Lake in northern Tanzania. The lakeside was seen to be the statue of animals and birds. They were stache the real dead birds. In fact, animals and birlds in the lake water are calcified and become stones in a short while. There was something in this water that made them a stone.

Indeed, Brandt writes in his new photo book 'Across the Ravaged Land' that "no one certainly knows how it feels at the undead that the highly reflective nature of the Lake made him paranoid and they all fell into the water." The water is very much so, so much so that it deposited the ink in my Kodak movie box in a matter of seconds. Excess amount of soda and salt in water protects the dead bodies of these birds."

Brandt has compiled photos of these birds in his new book 'Across the Ravaged Land'. This book is the third volume of the photography document that Nick wrote about the disappearance of animals in East Africa. The level of alkaline in water is ph9 to 10.5 pH, i.e. alkaline as much as ammonia. The temperature of the lake also reaches 60 degrees. The element was also found in the water which is in the ash of the volcano. This element was used by Egyptians to protect the mummies.

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