Mysterious place, where fire rains from the clouds

Apr 06 2020 06:52 PM
Mysterious place, where fire rains from the clouds

There are many places around the world, which are considered mysterious for some reason. Today we are going to tell you about one such place which can surprise you. This place is in the northern African country of Ethiopia, a part of which also meets Eritrea. This is a place where there is a fire inside the earth and 'fire' also rains from the sky. By coming here, you will feel as if you have reached another planet, not on earth. It is indeed a very mysterious and surprising place.

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This place is known as 'Danakil Depression'. Along with being the hottest place in the world, it is also the driest and the lowest place on earth. The average temperature remains around 35 ° C throughout the year. The rain is just nominal here. It hardly receives 100 to 200 mm of rainfall throughout the year. The most special and mysterious thing of this place is that three tectonic plates are found here. These are the plates on which our continents and oceans rest. Although these plates are going away from each other by one to two centimetres every year. Actually, there is so much turmoil inside the earth that often the fire inside comes out. The molten lava is widespread here. There are also many volcanoes, which play an important role in increasing the temperature.

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Due to the fire inside the earth, there are many hot springs in the 'Danakil Depression'. However, there is such a severe heat here that in many places, the water drains out of the ground and dries up in an instant. Because of this, there are many salt mines here. These salt are the livelihood of the people living here. It is believed that after millions of years, the 'Danakil Depression' will turn into a deep pit and seawater will be filled here.

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