A mysterious village where people talk in a strange language
A mysterious village where people talk in a strange language

Our India has contained many such mysteries within itself for centuries, which very few people will know about. There are many places in India that are unbelievable. Some such place is also in Himachal Pradesh. One village here is very mysterious in itself. The residents of this village discuss in such a language that no one understands it except the people here.

The name of this village is Malana. Situated in the middle of the Himalayan peaks, Malana village is surrounded by deep trenches and icy mountains. This village with a population of about 1700 people is very famous among tourists. People come from all over the world to visit here. However, it is very difficult to reach Malana. There is no road available for this village. By the way, it can be reached with the help of hill trails. There is a direct climb from Zari village located in the foothills of Parvati valley. It takes about 4 hours to reach Malana from Zari.

People here speak a language called Kanashi, which is very mysterious. People here consider it a sacred language. Its special thing is that these languages are not spoken anywhere else in the world except Malana. This language is not taught to outsiders. Studies are being done in many countries about this.

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