Mystery behind the seventh door of this temple of Thiruvananthapuram
Mystery behind the seventh door of this temple of Thiruvananthapuram

There are many temples in India whose secrets have not been revealed till date. Similarly, today we are going to tell you about a temple. You must have heard about Padmanabhaswamy Temple located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, because this temple is famous worldwide due to its mystery and bottomless treasures. It is also called the richest temple in India. There are many secret cellars in this temple, some of which have been opened and a treasure of billions has been found from it, but its seventh door has not been opened till date or say that no one can open it. is. It is also told that a deep secret is hidden behind it.

Let us tell you that Padmanabhaswamy temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This historic temple is one of the many tourist places in Thiruvananthapuram. It is said that this temple was built by the kings of Travancore in the 16th century. It is believed that he had hidden a huge amount of treasure in the temple's basements. Six cellars of this temple have been opened under the supervision of the Supreme Court, out of which huge quantities of gold-silver and diamond-jewels have been found. Their value is told in billions and trillions. It is said that an attempt was made to open the door of the seventh basement of this temple, but the work was stopped after seeing the picture of a large snake on the door. It is believed that opening the seventh door would be inauspicious.

It is also believed that the seventh door is cursed. Whoever tries to open it will die. Also, it is also believed that by opening this door, there will be a catastrophe on the earth. It is said that once some people tried to open it, but they died due to poisonous snake bites. It is believed that the seventh door has been closed with a chant and can be opened in the same manner, but even if there is a slight omission in it, death is certain. For all these reasons, this door remains a mystery to the world.

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