Nagpur: Unemployed in lockdown, kidnapped a family with toy gun, arrested

Jun 05 2021 10:10 AM
Nagpur: Unemployed in lockdown, kidnapped a family with toy gun, arrested

Nagpur: A man who was unemployed due to corona virus lockdown in Nagpur, Maharashtra, has done something that made everyone lose consciousness. In fact, the unemployed youth planned to kidnap, but he could not succeed. His plan could not be completed and he was nabbed. Yes, in fact, this whole case is of Nagpur. The family of a businessman was allegedly held hostage with a toy gun, although the teenager who did so has been dramatically taken into custody last Friday.

This has been informed by the authorities. Officials say notes worth Rs 5 lakh were thrown from the window to divert the teenager's attention. In the case, an official of Hudakeshwar police station informed that "A teenager entered the house of Raju Vaidya, a builder in Pipla area here at 2 pm and took Vaidya's family hostage at gunpoint".

He further said, "He called vaidya and asked for Rs 50 lakh to leave the family. Vaidya called the police control room and a team left for his house. Vaidya kept kishore engaged in his words and asked him to give him Rs 5 lakh through the window. Meanwhile, a police team in plain uniform entered the house through the back door. The officer also informed that the team caught the teenager. The teenager told police that his catering business stopped due to corona virus restrictions, so he tried to commit the crime.

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