How did Galaxy look like 13 billion years ago? NASA shared marvelous video
How did Galaxy look like 13 billion years ago? NASA shared marvelous video

Washington:- US space agency NASA has released a 13 billion-year-old video of Galaxy data, which has surprised everyone. The video is also attracting a lot of attention on social media. This video also has audio. In it, NASA demonstrates the origin of the Galaxy (Billion's of Year Old Galaxy) in 13 billion years through sound (NASA Galaxy Database). The video has been captured by NASA's Hubble Telescope, which has been viewed by millions of people so far. It has been posted on Instagram and Twitter.



Hubble's ultra-deep field photo depicts many galaxies through sound. When the video shows brightness, we can listen to each galaxy in different sounds (Galaxy Sound Video on NASA). The farther the galaxy, the longer its light will take to reach Hubble. Tell you that NASA and the European Space Agency launched the Hubble Telescope in April 1990. He was sent into space via the space shuttle Discovery.

The telescope was named 'Hubble' in honor of American astronomer Edwin Powell Hubble. It is the only telescope designed by NASA only for space. The 13.2 m long telescope weighs 11,000 kg. It is orbiting the lower orbit of the earth. Earlier, NASA had also released a video of the Sun. The video depicted the coronal mass ejection i.e. CME on the surface of the sun.

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