This woman scientist surprise world by spending 288 days in space
This woman scientist surprise world by spending 288 days in space

Scientist Christina Koch of NASA, a renowned space agency of the US, has made history on Saturday by spending 288 days in space on a single flight. If she returns to Earth on February 6, 2020, she must have spent more than 328 days in space. On 14 March 2019, she flew to the International Space Station as a flight engineer for NASA. Earlier retired astronaut Mark Kelly spent 438 consecutive days at the International Space Station.

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According to media reports, Christina Koch has done spacewalk 4 times while living in the International Space Station. On October 18, for the first time, Koch had a spacewalk with his fellow astronaut Jessica Mir. It may be known that 15 women scientists have done spacewalk but each time they were accompanied by male astronauts. Koch and Jessica had a spacewalk without a male partner.

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Being an astronaut, Christina is fond of doing yoga, running, mountaineering, photography with the boating and walking. American female astronaut Peggy Winston has spent 665 days in space in the history of America. However, she has spent this time through 5 different flights. Christina considers Peggy her model, calling her heroine.

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