Saudi Arabia moves towards Pakistan, will call meeting on Kashmir issue
Saudi Arabia moves towards Pakistan, will call meeting on Kashmir issue

Saudi Arabia has decided to organize an Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting of foreign ministers of all Islamic countries regarding Kashmir, an integral part of India. It is believed that this meeting can bring a dent in the relations of this Gulf country and India.

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According to media reports, recently such an Islamic summit was also to be held in Malaysia, in which Pakistan was also attending. But, after Saudi Arabia refused Pakistan, it exited itself from this conference. It is therefore believed that Riyadh's decision to hold a meeting on the Kashmir issue is a step to keep Islamabad on its side.

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The information was given to Pakistan by the Kingdom during the meeting of Saudi Government Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan al-Saud during this week's visit to Islamabad. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was forced by Saudi Arabia to pull out of the meeting on Islamic issues under the chairmanship of Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mhatir Mohammed in Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, this step has been taken to give concession to Pakistan. In this conference to be held in the capital of Malaysia, Pakistan was a prominent proponent along with Turkish President Rajab Tayyab Erdoan and Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohammad. After Saudi refused Pakistan, it exited himself from this conference. It was also a matter of concern for Saudi that Iran's President Hassan Rouhani was also going to participate in this conference, which was seen as a threat to Saudi.

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