Know how the family was forced Ajit Pawar to resign
Know how the family was forced Ajit Pawar to resign

On Tuesday, there was a big stir in the politics of Maharashtra, when NCP leader Ajit Pawar resigned as Deputy Chief Minister. The news of his sudden resignation shocked everyone. After this, BJP Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis also had no option but to resign. It is being told that some emotional appeals from his family played an important role behind Ajit's resignation. 

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It is known that at around eight o'clock on Saturday morning, BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis surprised everyone by taking the oath of CM post again. The most shocking fact was that of NCP leader Ajit Pawar, who was sworn in as Deputy Chief Minister. Till Friday evening, he was involved in the meeting of NCP-Shiv Sena-Congress (Mahavikas Aghadi) alliance. Even before this he was involved in almost all the meetings of the coalition. In such a situation, the news of a sudden meeting with the BJP had shocked everyone, including NCP Chief Sharad Pawar. This move of Ajit was so controversial that even with the party being left, the cracks in the relationship between uncle-nephew (Sharad Pawar-Ajit Pawar) were also felt. Sharad Pawar did not want to let the party and family crack down in any case. At the same time, he was not even talking directly to Ajit while following the coalition religion. Despite Ajit's swearing in, the round of persuading and bringing him back to the party had begun.

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Ajit had given a personal shock to not only the party but also uncle Sharad Pawar by taking the oath of office of Deputy Chief Minister. After this, Sharad Pawar's role suddenly came under suspicion. Many Congress leaders had also started attacking Sharad Pawar. Coalition leaders also accused him of cheating Ajit Pawar. Shortly after the swearing in, Sharad Pawar's daughter and NCP MP Supriya Sule changed her WhatsApp status. He wrote 'Party and family split'. Despite none of the Pawar family members uttering a word against Ajit, the whole family started celebrating Ajit.

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