National Octopus Day: Here is all you need to know about this sea creature

Oct 08 2020 04:04 AM
National Octopus Day: Here is all you need to know about this sea creature

Octopus is one of the most interesting sea creatures. Its name Octopus is derived from a Greek language and it means 8 feet. That is why it is called the Octopus. You will be surprised to know that there are more than 200 species of octopus on the earth and all of them live in the oceans around the world. They are without bones. Because of this, when extracted from water, the octopus loses its shape. Today we are going to give you some more interesting information about this.

1. Its color and size are determined by their environment. The octopus living in cold water will be much larger than those in tropical (warm) water.

2. Octopus has 3 hearts.

3. A baby octopus is the size of a flea when it is born.

4. The oldest octopus fossil is 296 million years old.

5. Octopus wrestling was a popular sport in the 1960s. A diver will fight an octopus in shallow water and drag it to the surface.

6. You will be surprised to know that live octopus are eaten in Korea.

7. In many countries, it is illegal to perform surgery on an octopus without anesthesia because of the intelligence of the octopus.

8. An octopus does not have 8 arms, but 6 arms and 2 legs.

9. Blue-ringed octopus is one of the most venomous sea animals in the world. It can kill you with a single bite.

10. If octopuses are really hungry then they eat their own arms.

11. Instead of sexual intercourse, female octopus sometimes strangle men and eat them.

12. Octopus has a relatively short life expectancy, as some species survive for up to six months.

13. Mimic octopus can replicate up to 15 marine species, including sea snakes, stingrays, lionfish, and jellyfish.

14. Octopus moves with simple elegance, but unlike most animals, they have no rhythm.

15. The largest octopus ever recorded weighs 71 kg (156.5 lb).

16. Surprisingly, the female octopus can be 40,000 times more massive than a male, which is the largest sex size discrepancy in the animal kingdom.

17. In 2013, an American family found a six-armed octopus on holiday. It was recorded as the second incident worldwide. 

18. Giant Pacific octopus females give more than 50,000 babies, of which only a few survived.

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