Navaratri 2018: This famous temple of Mata Kali founded in 1603

Oct 15 2018 08:46 AM
Navaratri 2018: This famous temple of Mata Kali founded in 1603

One of the biggest religious festivals of Hinduism, Navaratri has been started and this time a lot of enery and eagerness can be seen in the civilians. This nine-day festival, connected with Durga, Goddess of power, started from October 10 and ends October 19. There is a lot of enthusiasm across the country about this festival and it has already been started for quite some time now.

So, let us tell you on this occasion of Navratri about a temple of Durga which has not been established 20-25 but hundreds of years ago. Located in Banka district of Rajasthan, this temple was established in the year 1603. This is the temple of goddess Kali Maa, which is also known as Maa Teldiha Shaktipeeth.

This temple was founded by Hariballabh Das, a resident of Bengal and his two brothers. Since then, in this temple till now the devotees of Mother Goddess of the country come to visit for the blessings. Especially on the occasion of Navratri, there is a crowd of devotees in this temple. There is also a special mention of this temple that the responsibility of worshiping the priest here is still to be retained by the descendants of its founder, Hariballabh Das.

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