Navratri: Why fast is kept for 9 consecutive days, know its importance?
Navratri: Why fast is kept for 9 consecutive days, know its importance?

Navratri has great importance in Hinduism. For the whole 9 days, people remain immersed in the worship of the Goddess. During this time, many devotees keep fast for 9 consecutive days and during this time they also take many resolutions. However, the question arises as to why the fast of Navratri is kept and what is its significance?

Why Navratri fast?

Fast of Navratri is an ancient tradition. Along with this, worship of the Goddess is also done during this time. Religious belief is that this fast is kept for spiritual purification. It helps to purify body and mind. When we observe fast for 9 consecutive days during Navratri, we are confronted with many positive changes.

Importance of fasting during Navratri:

People who fast for 9 consecutive days, they experience peace and positivity than other people. Because when we move towards this with everyday life, we experience something different and special than before. It is mentioned in the scriptures that fasting maintains our physical balance. By keeping the fast, we not only avoid many diseases but also the grace of the Goddess remains on us. If we keep this fast by staying true to ourselves, then we also get the fruit of it. Keep in mind that no matter what happens, we never have to deviate from the resolution of our fast. 

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