Nazrul Jayanti 2024: Bangladesh Honors Kazi Nazrul Islam on 125th Birth Anniversary
Nazrul Jayanti 2024: Bangladesh Honors Kazi Nazrul Islam on 125th Birth Anniversary

Today, May 24, Bangladesh celebrates the 125th birth anniversary of Kazi Nazrul Islam, the National Poet and a towering figure in Bangla literature. This day not only marks his birth but also reflects on his enduring legacy a decade since his passing. Across the nation, diverse events are being held to honor Nazrul Jayanti, with numerous admirers paying tribute by laying floral wreaths at his final resting place near Dhaka University's Central Mosque.

Kazi Nazrul Islam's iconic poem 'Bidrohi' (The Rebel) and his debut poetry collection 'Agnibeena' (The Fiery Lute) have now reached their centenary, having left an indelible mark on Bangla literature for a hundred years. His poems continue to inspire and resonate with themes of social justice, freedom, and the spirit of resistance.

Born in 1306 in the Churulia village of Asansol, West Bengal, India, Nazrul courageously fought against exploitation during his youth. Despite enduring poverty, torture, and oppression, he steadfastly wrote for the marginalized, becoming a voice of rebellion and hope. His works encompassed a wide range of emotions, from love and harmony to the plight of the common people.

The son of Imam Kazi Fakir Ahmed and housewife Zaheda Khatun, Nazrul started his career as a band player and worked as a bakery laborer. His early experiences of hardship and struggle deeply influenced his poetry, which often highlighted the struggles of the working class and the oppressed.

Nazrul's life took him into the military, where he continued to write and compose. He also engaged in journalism and worked at HMV and Calcutta Betar, further expanding his influence and reach. Joining the anti-British movement, he faced imprisonment, yet his literary pursuits remained paramount throughout his life.

Nazrul also made significant contributions to Bangla music, pioneering a distinct genre and introducing Bangla Ghazal. His compositions are still cherished and performed today, reflecting his deep connection to the culture and spirit of Bengal.

In Bangladesh, Nazrul is remembered not only as a poet but as a symbol of courage, resilience, and the fight against injustice. His legacy continues to inspire generations, and on this significant anniversary, the nation celebrates the life and contributions of Kazi Nazrul Islam, a literary giant whose words continue to echo in the hearts of the people.

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