NCB Seizes Mobile Phones Of Deepika and Sara, forensic examination to start

Sep 27 2020 08:45 AM
NCB Seizes Mobile Phones Of Deepika and Sara,  forensic examination to start

 NCB interrogate Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan and Shraddha Kapoor on Saturday. The three actresses were asked a number of questions in the drugs case. However, according to Khabar, the three actresses have not responded directly to NCB questions, but have been trying to answer a lot of goals. It has now been reported that NCB has seized mobile phones of Deepika, Sara, Rakul, Karishma, Simone Khambata and Jaya Saha.

NCB seizes mobile: It was learnt that Deepika, Sara and reverence were not given a clean chit in the drugs case, so their mobile seizure now shows that the NCB wants to investigate the matter further. The WhatsApp chats of the actresses who were summoned were an important link in the case. They will try to rinse their mobile and find out more information. It is reported that during interrogation, the NCB had also sought their mobile from Sara Ali Khan. The phones were also sought from Sara in her 2017, 2018. But Sara could not make the phone available to NCB. The NCB has seized Sara's 2019 mobile and will also be sent for forensic examination. This is being considered a major action of ncb to gather evidence related to the drugs case.

Action taken in the drug case: The seizure of Jaya Saha and Karisma's mobile phones is also of great significance. On the one hand, Jaya Saha had a viral chat with reverence, and on the other hand, Deepika sought drugs from Karishma. The NCB will now try to remove the information through these mobiles that may not have surfaced yet. The news is that NCB is currently eyeing some drug paddlers. The NCB will focus on the Revert investigation right now.

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