Sanjay Singh's statement, says 'Sibal is legally correct ...'

Jan 19 2020 05:48 PM
Sanjay Singh's statement, says 'Sibal is legally correct ...'

New Delhi: Kapil Sibal's statement was first expressed by Congress leader Salman Khursheed, and now Aam Aadmi Party leader Sanjay Singh, amid protests against CAA in many states for some time Has also stamped itself. Congress leader Kapil Sibal's statement on Citizenship Amendment Act has been corrected by AAP leader Sanjay Singh.

According to information received from sources, AAP leader Sanjay Singh said on Sunday that once the Parliament is passed, the state government does not have the right to stop that law. He said, 'Kapil Sibal ji has told things legally right. It may be good to pass a resolution in the State Assembly, but the enforcement of law in the state cannot be avoided. Only Parliament has the right to withdraw CAA to do so.

He said in the tweet, 'For your information let us tell you that in my view CAA is unconstitutional. It is the constitutional right to pass the resolution of each state assembly and withdraw it. When this law is declared constitutional by the Supreme Court, then it will be difficult to oppose it. The fight should continue. In Kozhikode, Kerala, former Law Minister Kapil Sibal explained the aspects related to citizenship law and said that no state government can refuse to implement it because it is not possible and also unconstitutional. At the same time, let us tell that Sibal, who is also a good lawyer, said that no state can deny that it will not implement the citizenship law, it is unconstitutional to do so.

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