Australia Bush Fire: It will take these many years to repair the destruction
Australia Bush Fire: It will take these many years to repair the destruction

It will take about 100 years for the forest which was destroyed by fire in the forests of Australia, which is included in the developed country in the world, to come back in the same form. The fire in the forest for months has now been controlled. The rain also contributed to this. The administration could not extinguish it from its level. This fire has destroyed about one billion animals in the forest here. Many endangered animals have died. Now their very existence has ended.

According to media reports, a fire in the forests of Australia has destroyed property worth several crores of rupees. 28 people have died in the fire. Hundreds of luxurious houses built in Australia's forests have been burned to ashes. This fire was so big that even its picture was taken from NASA. Photographs of smoke emanating from the fire were also taken from the satellite. When the fire was at its peak, it turned the atmosphere of the whole of Australia red. The fire had caused so much damage that the entire sky had turned red here.

Experts say that AUSTRALIA will take a century to recover from the fire. Hundreds of arson have taken place across the country, killing at least 28 people. Over 2,000 houses were destroyed and scores of animals were killed. The space agency said that smoke from the fire had already been seen in South America around New Year's Day, that the fire was so large that it "blurred" the sky. It said the skies in New Zealand had "changed colors dramatically", causing "serious air quality issues". According to the BBC, by 8 January the smoke of this forest fire had gone half of the world.

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