Neck pain is more in women than men, know the remedy

Sep 12 2019 05:08 PM
Neck pain is more in women than men, know the remedy

The problem of neck pain is not available to people of any particular age. In today's time, everyone is going through such a problem. In earlier times this problem used to happen after one age, but now every other person is getting to see it. Neck pain is a common problem. That is because the problem has to be faced by constantly bending over the computer, watching mobile, TV and using high pillows.

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Apart from this, according to research, women tend to tilt their neck so that their chin is attached to their chest, which can cause more pain in their neck. Men have long necks so they tilt their necks while looking at smartphones. You can find out what is causing neck pain with these things.

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Find out with x-ray
X-rays are taken while using electronic devices show why women have more pain in the neck and jaw than men.

What should be done in such a situation
- If you work by bending the neck, then stop working by bending the neck. This will give relief in pain.

- Rotate the neck lightly 5 or 10 times in the direction of the clock, then do the same action in the opposite direction. After this, rotate the head up-down and right-left.

- If you have a pain in the neck, massage it lightly with oil or get it done.

- Always massage from top to bottom ie from neck to shoulder.

- After a massage, foment with a bag of warm water. Do not go into the open air immediately after fomenting, nor drink any cold drink.

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- Do not lie down and watch TV, if you want to watch TV for a long time, then get up and take a walk in between.

- Do the same while studying and doing desk work.

- Use a soft, thin and low height pillow and sleep on a hard bed.

- Use headphone or speakerphone instead of telephone.

- Keep your car seat at an upright position.

- Keep the neck straight while sitting.

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