Wrinkles on neck and skin become loose, then do this small work
Wrinkles on neck and skin become loose, then do this small work


Be it, girls or boys, everyone pays attention to their faces because the face attracts people's attention to themselves. However, during this time the wrinkles of the neck and loose skin start to show that you are getting older and you are getting older. The neck is actually one of the most neglected parts of the body. We pay a lot of attention to the face, but not to the neck, making wrinkles and loose skin a common problem. Now today we are going to tell you about the tips from which you can get relief from neck wrinkles and loose skin.

Neck massage is very important - After one age, your neck starts looking of different ages. In such a situation, wrinkles start coming on the neck and the lines which used to be on the neck, start getting darker with age. In such a situation, neck massage becomes very important. You should massage daily before sleeping.

Make sure to wear a mask on the neck - Whenever you apply a face mask, you must wear a neck mask. In fact, you can apply every mask on your face on your neck. However, be careful not to put any mask on the area that becomes too rough after drying. Or apply peel-off here as it will pull the skin here as well.

Don't forget to apply sunscreen - in fact, this error is done the most. In fact, many women apply sunscreen on their face, but do not apply it on the neck at all, so that the part of the neck below the face looks black. It is very important to apply sunscreen to avoid coming in contact with the sun.

Do this for neck exfoliation - If your neck is starting to look very black, then it needs to be exfoliated. Use curd, a little gram flour and a pinch of turmeric for the neck. It is best to apply it before bathing.

Wrinkles on the neck- The skin of the neck is very sensitive and so if you have sunburn then you need to fix it very quickly. And for this, the neck should be cleaned with cold milk daily. By doing this, your neck looks good and by massaging with sesame oil two-three times a week, the neck is good.

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