Muslim boys urinate on Shivling, Nehru told Kashmiri Pandits - 'Side with Sheikh Abdullah, or go to hell'
Muslim boys urinate on Shivling, Nehru told Kashmiri Pandits - 'Side with Sheikh Abdullah, or go to hell'

'The Kashmir Files' is currently in the headlines everywhere and the film is getting a lot of love. It took a lot of hard work to make this film. Nehru said to the Kashmiri Pandits in that period – "Either stay with Sheikh Abdullah or go to Hell." Rajiv Gandhi had said - "Farooq is my friend, what to do. Many victims narrated their stories of pain which is going viral at the moment. The hard work and research behind the film were presented as a documentary at a press conference in New Delhi in the presence of the film's director Vivek Agnihotri, actor Anupam Kher, actress Pallavi Joshi, producer Abhishek Agarwal and president of 'Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora' Surinder Kaul.

During this time, it has been told how the production of this film was completed despite all the fatwas. In fact, director Vivek Agnihotri says that when he was introduced to the human stories related to the massacre of Pandits in Kashmir, he decided to go and make a film on the subject. During this time, Kashmiri Pandit Rajendra Kaul said that the name 'Kashmir' is so ancient that it is also mentioned in the time of Mahabharata. From 1100-1200 AD, only Hindus lived there. One of the largest empires of India was the reign of Lalitaditya when most of India came under his control – this is also reported. Dr Rakesh Kaul told how the royal king of Kashmir was a Hindu, who ruled in Afghanistan. He further said, "After this, the invaders started coming, who first pretended to help and then started occupying it. Similarly, Shamsuddin Airaki also came from Iraq and not only forcibly converted but also demolished many temples. He has also written in his autobiography how he made people in Kashmir Muslims. Experts say that this is a continuous genocide, which has been happening for many years and has been happening continuously. This was happening even before the nineties. Not only this, but an expert pointed out, "How Kashmiri leader Sheikh Abdullah had given a speech that Kashmiri Pandits are naturally 'enemies of Muslims'. He compared the Kashmiri Pandits to satan. And when a delegation of Kashmiri Pandits came to meet the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Nehru said, 'Either stay with Sheikh Abdullah or go to Hell.'

The British are also blamed for the Kashmiri problem because wherever they went, there were problems. Just like this, Zutshi pointed out that the residents of old Kashmir or Kashmiri pandits had started leaving the valley from 1947 itself. Bansi Pandit said that in 1967, he was in college and then there was a girl whose name was Parmeshwari. The minor Hindu girl was abducted and converted to Islam and named 'Parveen Akhtar'. She was then married to a Muslim. The state and central governments remained silent. During this time, a woman told that Kashmiri boys used to urinate on the statue of Lord Shiva. A priest was murdered and after that, his lips were sewn and hanged on a tree.

Anupam Kher said that pandits in Kashmir were told to go to their own country, while Kashmir is inside India. In such a situation, they will cry again after seeing that house in the wrong condition. In this way, many people told their stories that filled the eyes of the listeners.

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