Neighbour murdered 7 years old, when innocent asked to change the Tv channel

Jul 17 2020 10:50 AM
Neighbour murdered 7 years old, when innocent asked to change the Tv channel

Recently, a case of crime has emerged from the town of Sathankulam in Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu. This case is heart-wrenching. In this case, the neighbour has strangled the murder of a seven-year-old innocent. After executing the incident, he along with his friend threw the dead body of the innocent near a canal. It is being told that while doing this, some people saw them and that is why the police arrested them both in a few hours.

In this case, the police have now given post mortem to the family of the innocent. According to the report of a website, Tuticorin Superintendent of Police (SP) S Jayakumar told that "The innocent used to study in third grade. Due to no electricity, he used to go to his neighbour's house to watch TV. Apart from this, said, 'He went to watch TV on Wednesday morning at around 11:30. During that time, the young man was arguing with his father about something."

When the innocent asked to change the channel, the angry young man strangled him. According to the information received in this case, after the accused strangled the child, he put his body in a plastic drum and closed it. He then, along with a friend, came and threw the drum in a canal located two kilometres from home. Police say that a case has been registered against the accused in various sections including POSCO Act, murder. The criminal record of the accused in this case is also being investigated.

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