Nepal Census: Population of Hindu-Buddhist Valley, Christians and Muslims increased, see figures
Nepal Census: Population of Hindu-Buddhist Valley, Christians and Muslims increased, see figures

Kathmandu: The number of castes and various tribes in the country has crossed 142, up from 125 in 2011, according to the latest census data. Let us know that, the information of the census done in 2021 has now come out, in which full details have been given. These figures have been released by the 'National Statistics Office' of Nepal, which was earlier known as 'Central Bureau of Statistics'. According to the data, there are 23.67 million Hindus in  Nepal's population, while the population of Muslims is 23.945 lakh.

According to the report, Chhetri community comprises 16.45 per cent of Nepal's population, while Pahari Brahmins make up 11.29 per cent, Magar 6.9 per cent, Tamang 5.62 per cent and Vishwakarma 5.04 per cent. There are currently 124 languages spoken in Nepal and there are 10 types of religions . Apart from these, there are also 12 such languages, which have been placed in 'Other', these languages are said to be foreign. Also, 13 new languages have also been included in it.  


In the previous census, information about 123 languages in Nepal was revealed. In Nepal, 44.8 percent of the people speak Nepali language, while 11.05 percent of the people use Maithili. Not only this, 6.24% of the people in Nepal are also talking in Bhojpuri. Similarly, Tharu is the spoken language of 5.88%, Tamang 4.88%, Bajjika 3.89% and Awadhi 2.96%.  

At the same time, according to religion, Nepal still has 81.19 percent of the population, while Buddhism is second with 8.21 percent followers. Apart from this, Islam has also spread rapidly here and the population of Muslims has increased to 5.09 percent. Nepal is home to 3.17 per cent Kirat, 1.76 per cent Christians, 0.35 per cent Prakrit and 0.23 per cent Bon and 0.01 per cent Jains.  

In 2011, The Hindu population in Nepal was 81.3 percent, which means that the population of Hindus has decreased by 0.19 percent in 10 years. At the same time, in 2011, the Buddhist society used to be 9 percent of the population, which has now decreased by 0.79 percent. At the same time, the population of Muslims has registered an increase of 0.69 percent, which used to be 4.4 percent in 2011 and now it is 5.09 percent. Christians were earlier 0.5 per cent, which has now gone up to 1.76 per cent.  

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