People took to streets in Kathmandu to protest against new map

Kathmandu: The new map proposed in Nepal Parliament today (Saturday). Many areas of India have also been included in this map. Since Saturday morning, people in Kathmandu are taking to the streets to protest against this map. Earlier on Friday, too many protesters took to the road against the government. After which Nepal's Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali on Friday night requested the media to stop showing the demonstration.

The Foreign Minister of Nepal has told that, on Saturday i.e. today, a historic bill will be decided by the country's Parliament. Therefore, the people were requested not to participate in any kind of anti-government protest. This will send the wrong message. Pradeep Gyawali said that we are going to set an example by including our land back in the map. All political parties have shown solidarity by supporting it. Therefore, the public should not be against the government but should demonstrate in the joy of passing the map while supporting the government. Even after this, people have come on the streets to protest against the government in Kathmandu since Saturday morning. 

Nepal's Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali said about changing the map that this idea came to our mind when India changed the map on November 2, 2019, resettling Jammu and Kashmir. We tried to talk to New Delhi several times about the border dispute, but there was no response from their side. After which all the parties jointly insisted on changing the map. 

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