Netizens demand the title of Mr. Perfectionist to be passed on from Aamir Khan to Randeep Hooda, heap praises on performance in CAT
Netizens demand the title of Mr. Perfectionist to be passed on from Aamir Khan to Randeep Hooda, heap praises on performance in CAT

Netflix Original CAT which released 9th December has been making news due to rave reviews and the audiences cant stop singing praises of its lead actor Randeep Hooda. With an IMDb rating of 9 and so much love from across the globe, CAT has been trending on #2 on Netflix India & in top 10 Rankings on Netflix over 16 countries. Randeep Hooda has been praised for his near Flawless punjabi, his restrained performance showing both anguish and anger of the character who gradually transitions into a schemer.

Actor Aamir Khan who is apparently known as a Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood was recently seen in ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’. The movie turned out to be a box-office disaster. But what exactly went wrong behind the scenes. Prepping for an important character requires a lot of effort and sheer dedication which is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. While Aamir is touted as a perfectionist, this role wasnt performed with anything near perfection. On the other hand actor Randeep Hooda who is known for his method acting and strong characters over the years, essayed his character with such finesse, nearing the peak of perfection. The amount of dedication and preparation he has put into this series is truly remarkable. Looking at his various roles, he's done it all, from drastic weight loss to growing his hair, to doing extensive research on his characters.

When Randeep Hooda picks a script, one can see him get so absorbed in the character that what reflects on screen is pure magic. The actor started out on his Bollywood journey with Mira Nair’s Monsoon Weddings. Even though it took him some time to make his own mark as an actor, he stunned audiences and critics alike with his ability to get skin deep into the roles he plays. Randeep Hooda isn’t one to shy away from a complex, unconventional role but instead experiments with roles that have helped him make a mark on the industry. There’s no brainer why he is one of the most incredible actors of our times.

On other hand, Aamir Khan who portrayed a Sikh character in the film didn’t didn't seem to have a strong grasp on it. He revealed in an interview that the character  Laal Singh required things which were not possible for him to practice so he learned about it from his screen tests as laal. Method acting is an immersive experience that forces an actor to surrender himself to his character and the results of this are shown on screen, much like Randeep's Gurnam Singh. On screen you only see Gurnam Singh and forget Randeep Hooda, that's his real victory. Hats of to Hooda for this brilliant performance, a real perfectionist has risen!

An IMDb reviewer stated "Randeep Hooda defines the very essence of committing to the role and the art of acting. He deserves the title Mr Perfectionist because of his impeccable performances, be it Sarabjit or now CAT. I am not just throwing this title around without giving it a proper thought, so please read my arguments below. You know a masterpiece has been delivered when an actor loses his identity and transforms to the extent that the actor is no longer recognisable by his real identity during the course of the series. This is exactly what Randeep Hooda has been able to accomplish as Gurnam Singh. Another reason to support my argument is that his appearance and behaviour have been spot on, and moreover, his Punjabi has been flawless. He looks and sounds more Punjabi than a lot of Punjabis I know. His accent does not sound phoney like Aamir's in Laal Singh Chaddha, which I believe was one reason people were unhappy with Aamir. How could Aamir miss such a crucial detail for his character when he had so many years to prepare? Randeep, on the other hand, went into so much detail in preparing for the role without being called Mr perfectionist or making a huge fuss about it. Doesn't Randeep deserve the title of Mr Perfectionist, not only because of his brilliant performance in CAT but because he has been consistently mesmerising with his acting genius?"

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