Do these things to avoid bad omens

Friday is very dear to Goddess Lakshmi. It is easiest to please Goddess Bhagwati on this day. Religious beliefs have been of special importance since the beginning of this day. On Fridays, if you worship Goddess Lakshmi and recite Lakshmi Strot, there is wealth, glory, and prosperity in your house. It is said that you can also start any auspicious work on Friday. If the mother is worshipped with full devotion on Friday, the mother resides in that house. Apart from doing the best on Fridays, there are some things that no one should ever do by mistake. They are considered bad omens and Goddess Lakshmi is also enraged by doing so. What we should not do on Fridays?.

Don't remove the statue from the house:-
Friday is the day to bring Goddess Lakshmi home forever, on this day she should not leave. If you immerse an old or broken statue of any goddess on this day, it is a bad omen because the immersion of the statue is considered as the farewell of the goddess.

Opening the door of the house:-
The scriptures mention that the main gate should be opened for some time at dusk. It is said that in the evening, Mother Lakshmi goes on a tour of the houses, the mother returns from outside the house where the doors are closed. Therefore, the main doors of the house should be opened while lighting lamps in the place of worship of the house during the evening.

Don't borrow:-
Always keep in mind on Fridays that you should neither lend to anyone nor borrow from anyone. If you do this then the prosperity of the house may decrease. If someone asks for a loan on Friday, help him but don't lend.

Don't reprimand the girl:-
On Fridays, some people fast on Goddess Lakshmi and that is why they also give food to the daughters. In such a situation, girls should never be disrespected by mistake on this day. Rather, respect them as much as possible.

Don't visit anyone:-
No one should ever present a statue of Goddess Lakshmi on Friday. It is considered to be an omen for oneself. On Fridays, you can only bring a statue of Goddess Lakshmi for your house, but it should not be presented to anyone.

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