Never keep these things into the fridge otherwise...
Never keep these things into the fridge otherwise...

All you must have seen is that people often refrigerate the leftover flour after making loaves which is not correct. Yes, according to the scriptures, the dough is considered to be a kneaded body which is offered for the feeder of the dead. At the same time, it is said that in any house where the dough is constantly or often kneaded becomes a tradition of refrigerated, ghosts, ghosts and other upper winds start coming for food. At the same time, all of them have souls that have been forgotten by their families or who have not yet been freed.

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It is said that with such souls coming into the house, there are many problems in the house and all the houses that keep the leftover flour in this way are found to be unwelcome. They say that diseases, anger, laziness, etc. often persist and even those who live in the house do not progress.

According to the scriptures, nothing should be accommodated in the house and which is the food of the dead or has the ability to invite them in any way. At the same time, making bread with stale flour at night is also considered harmful to the body and is a food that promotes tenancy.

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