Do not search these things related to coronavirus on Google
Do not search these things related to coronavirus on Google

People from all over the world are currently searching the biggest and the smallest things related to the coronavirus on Google's platform. In addition to this, many times they eat the wrong medicine. Many times, you fall prey to hackers. The question arises that what kind of information related to this virus should not be searched on Google.

Flipkart discontinues its services due to coronavirus

Corona virus official website
No one has launched an official site about the Coronavirus yet. If you want to get the right information related to this virus, then you can resort to the official site of WHO (World Health Organization).

Facebook can buy 10 percent stake in Jio

Corona virus home test kit
The Coronavirus home test kit is not yet available in the market. If you believe that you are infected with this virus, immediately call the government helpline number and contact. You can also get a checkup done by going to the nearest hospital.

Facebook came to a standstill at 5 pm on the day of public curfew

Corona virus syrup
If you are also searching Coronavirus medicine on Google, then do not do this because it can also threaten your life. If you feel that you are in the grip of this virus, contact a doctor immediately.

Using social media can make you sick

Coronavirus treatment video
Most of the videos on Coronavirus treatment on Google's platform are fake. Do not search such videos on Google. The government has issued guidelines regarding the treatment of Coronavirus, which is very important to follow.

Twitter gave work from home to all employees due to Corona virus

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