New Born Infants Named 'Chandrayaan' as they Born on Chandrayaan-3 Landing Day
New Born Infants Named 'Chandrayaan' as they Born on Chandrayaan-3 Landing Day

Odisha: In the wake of India's successful Moon mission, a number of newborns in Odisha's Kendrapara district have been named 'Chandrayaan' by their parents to mark this accomplishment. On August 25, at least four babies (three boys and a girl) were born at Kendrapara district hospital and were bestowed with the name Chandrayaan.

"It was a twofold moment of joy for us. Our baby entered the world just moments after the triumphant touchdown of Chandrayaan-3 on the lunar surface. We've made the decision to name our child in honor of this lunar mission," said Pravat Mallick, the father of one of these newborns.

In adherence to local tradition, babies are typically named on the 21st day following their birth, after a ceremonial worship.

Ranu, the spouse of Mallick hailing from Aripada village, also has intentions of dubbing her newborn son after Chandrayaan, an emblem of India's lunar pursuit. She's considering alternatives like "Chandra" or "Luna," names that encapsulate the essence of the moon. "Nonetheless, 'Chandrayaan' carries a certain elegance that appeals to us. A final decision will be made during the 21st-day ritual," she shared with a smile.

On the same Wednesday evening, Durga Mandal from Talachua village, Joshnyarani Bal from Nilakanthapur, and Bebina Sethi from Angulei village also brought forth their newborns. While Durga welcomed a baby girl, the other two were baby boys. "Interestingly, all the new mothers are keen on bestowing names related to Chandrayaan upon their children," remarked Anjana Sahoo, the head nurse at Kendrapara government hospital.

Dr. P. K. Praharaj, the Additional District Medical Officer at the hospital, highlighted that the parents view their children's births as particularly auspicious, given that they coincided with a historic moment for the country. "By naming their babies after Chandrayaan, they aim to celebrate India's achievement in its lunar mission," the doctor affirmed.

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