CORONAVIRUS: Testing of new test starts, can get profitable results
CORONAVIRUS: Testing of new test starts, can get profitable results

Washington: The Coronavirus, which has been in constant chaos for the past several days, is no longer taking the name of freezing. Every day the outbreak of this virus is increasing, due to which the human aspect has reached the brink of destruction. Due to this virus, many families are being killed, while the infection of this virus is becoming an enemy of the lives of people, millions of people are getting infected every day due to its grip. Talking about those who die all over the world, then more than 2 lakh 28 thousand people have died. Scientists have found great success in the immediate investigation of Coronavirus (Covid-19). He has devised a new economical swab test, which can identify the infection of this dangerous virus within just 45 minutes. This can help the doctors to investigate the rapidly growing cases quickly.

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According to researchers at the University of California, USA, the new test has been named the SARS-Covey-2 detector. This test can be easily tried. There is no need of any special equipment for this. This test can be tested with the same quality as the level of test with the existing test kits. However, this new test has not yet been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration for clinical use.

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University of California professor Charles Chiu said, "The availability of crisper technology will help speed up the next generation of investigations to identify corona infections." The 'SARS-Covey-2 detector' is the first such test in which Crispar gene-targeting technology has been used to detect the presence of Covid-19. In this method, any genetic sequence can be regulated. One of these genetic sequences is similar in all SARS-like coronavirus. These sequences are considered in this detector test.

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