American economy drops due to coronavirus
American economy drops due to coronavirus

Washington: The havoc of Corona, which has been steadily increasing for the past several days, has been the enemy of the lives of innocent people, thousands of deaths are occurring every day due to this virus. The eggs of the infected are constantly growing, not only that, now the coronavirus has also taken the form of an epidemic, after which the food shortage is increasing in the homes of people, not knowing that due to this virus and such There are so many innocent lives that have come to the brink of destruction. Till now the death toll has crossed 2 lakh 28 thousand worldwide and still no break of this virus has been found.

'Men are twice as likely to die of coronavirus than women', says report

America's growth rate has declined by 4.8% during the January-March quarter this year. This is the worst US growth rate in any quarter in the last decade. Like many other countries of the world, there has been a sharp decline in consumption due to the applicable lockdown due to Covid-19. During this last quarter i.e. October-December, 2019, the growth rate of American was 2.1%.

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The government believes that in the second quarter of this year, the country's economic growth rate can break down to 20% in the negative zone. However, on Monday this week, US President Donald Trump said that the third quarter will be better this year and the fourth quarter will be better than that. According to him, next year, America's growth rate will return to the track as before.

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