Refusal of marriage, man killed his female live-in partner

Apr 04 2021 03:31 PM
Refusal of marriage, man killed his female live-in partner

New Delhi: In Mangolpuri, the national capital, an accused youth has killed his live-in partner woman for refusing to marry. On Friday, Bawana police arrested the accused Shiva Kumar and revealed the incident. A pistol was also obtained from the crack team led by SI Gajendra Mathur posted at Bawana police station.

Accused Shiva said that he has killed his live-in partner Jyoti in the Mongalpuri J block. She now wanted to kill Jyoti's husband Sunil, who was roaming in the area in search of him. The investigation revealed that Shiva was introduced to Jyoti two years ago and both began to live together as live-in partners. There was a child of both. Shiva alleges that Jyoti was not marrying him pretending not to be divorced from her husband Sunil.

At the same time, Sunil was not even signing the divorce paper. Unhappy with this, Shiva drank alcohol with Jyoti late on Thursday night and then escaped by killing her with a bottle of liquor. On the other hand, after Jyoti's death, the future of their two children is in danger. Jyoti had a six-year-old son from her husband and then another son from Shiva. Jyoti is killed, while Shiva goes to jail. At the moment, the children are left to relatives.

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