New feature in Google Chrome that will give you special convenience

Google Chrome has added some great features to its new update. One feature is for cosmetic effects and 2 feature routine tasks are even easier. Although these features were gradually ROLLOUT, some consumers were already able to use them, but now these features have been ROLLOUT for all. You can view these features in the latest version of Google Chrome 96.0.4664.45.  Not only that, Google Chrome is the most commonly used web browser in the world.

Copy Link to Highlight - If you want to share a particular part of the text on a WEB-PAGE, you will be able to use the 'Copy link to highlights' option. Opening a link shared in this way will reach the front person on the same part of the page you wanted to share. To use it, you must first highlight the text you want to share, then right-click the Copy link to highlight the option and share it.

Google Chrome- Search Tab: We always open many TABS together in Google Chrome. Office and working people need to open a lot of tabs. It is also difficult to find a single TABS in this situation. Google Chrome has launched the Search Tab feature to make this task easier. You'll see a drop-down button at the top of the Chrome window. After pressing it, you'll see all tabs in one list, and that's where you can search for the tab. Ctrl + Shift + A is its keyboard shortcut.

Change Background Color - For some consumers, the option to change background and colour in Google Chrome already exists, but now it has gone live for everyone. If you use more than one CHROME profile, you can select a different theme for each profile. To use this, you need to open a new tab in Chrome, and then click the Customize Chrome option below. Now you can select the background here or even select the plane background.

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