Tech Update: Apple will bring iPhones without charging port

Dec 07 2019 02:13 PM
Tech Update: Apple will bring iPhones without charging port

Apple launching in the year 2021 is going to come with big changes. Till now reports were being made about the design and size of the iPhone to be launched in 2021, but now a report is being claimed that the charging port will not be available in the new iPhone. Apple's analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has given this information.

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An article by Ming has been published in 9to5Mac stating that the iPhone launching in 2021 will not have the lightning port. Ming says that the lightning port has not been replaced by USB Type-C, but rather the charging port has been completely removed.

Only the wireless charging will be supported in the iPhone launched in 2021 and if it really happens, this will be the biggest change in any product by Apple. Ming's report is usually not false.

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As the iPhone launched in 2021 will not have a charging port. A big change can be seen about the design. Due to lack of charging port, data transfer will also have to be done wirelessly. Also, this will affect the companies making charging cables.

Significantly, Apple introduced the lightning port with the iPhone 5 series for the first time. Every year after this, Apple made several new changes with its iPhone. In 2013, when the iOS 7 update came, the iPhone's interface was completely changed.

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