New strain found in Sri Lanka is the deadliest, this strain is airborne that infects air

The situation of covid infection has already gone out of control all over the world including India. Another bad news is that a new strain of covid virus has been found in neighboring Sri Lanka which is said to be the deadliest strain ever. This strain is airborne that infects air. That is, even if you are not directly in touch with an infected person, this strain is also transmitting to you by spreading in the air.

Neelika Malavige, head of the Ministry of Immunology and Molecular Sciences at Jayavardenapura University in Sri Lanka, said on Saturday that the strain is growing very easily and very fast. Due to which it lasts for an hour in the air. He said that the corona strain is the deadliest and fastest-growing of all the variants found in Sri Lanka so far.

Sri Lanka's health administration fears that the new strain has started spreading from new year celebrations last week. That is why the most infection is spreading to the youth. Public Health Inspector Upal Rohana says that the infection can spread so much in the next two to three weeks that the third wave can occur. Meanwhile, new guidelines will be issued by May 31 to prevent covid. He said that earlier the symptoms of infection were not so clear and clear, now the number of youth who have been found to be victims of this infection is more visible.

Patients who have not been admitted are also 60 percent more at risk: Janha It has been learned that many infected people around the world may not have been hospitalized, yet they are at risk of prolonged diseases and deaths. A study has reported long side effects on long covid's health. The research, published in the journal Nature, scanned medical records of more than 73,000 infected people who could not be admitted. But within 6 months of infection, these people found 60 percent more death than those who were suffering from other diseases.

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