Stopped by traffic cop, 34-year-old man dies from heart attack while debating with cops

Sep 10 2019 03:20 PM
Stopped by traffic cop, 34-year-old man dies from heart attack while debating with cops

These days there are constant reports about vehicle checking. In such a situation, the young man died of a heart attack while debating with the police and it is alleged that Gaurav working in the software company was returning from Sector-62 with his parents. At the same time, for investigation, the policemen stopped him with a stick on his car and on this he got angry with the police. Just during this, Gaurav suffered a heart attack. According to information received in this case, Moolchand Sharma lives with the family in Shatabdi Vihar, Noida Sector-52 and his 34-year-old son Gaurav worked in the marketing department of the software company of Gurugram.

At the same time, Ankur Sharma, brother of Gaurav, says that "On Sunday, Gaurav was coming with his parents from NH-24 towards Sector 62 in a car". In this case, it is alleged that "On the way towards Noida, some policemen were standing on the way, who stopped the moving vehicle with a big stick and Gaurav and his father opposed it. This matter increased so much that the policemen present there came down to indecency. Suddenly Gaurav collapsed in the middle of the heat and his breath stopped. Seeing Gaurav's condition, parents came in awe. "In this case, the family says that instead of helping, the policemen went quietly from there. People from around reached for help and Gaurav was first taken to Fortis and then to Kailash Hospital.

Further, the family members said that "the doctors informed about Gaurav's death from a heart attack, the ground slipped under the feet of the parents". He was dead at that time. "Though till now no complaint was lodged in the police station to register a case in this matter, but Vaibhav Krishna, SSP of Gautam Budhunagar says that" During the checking of Sector-58 police area, no such incident has been reported. If the family has any complaint, then tell it, action will be taken.

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