New variant of corona JN.1 knocking in India, know what are its symptoms
New variant of corona JN.1 knocking in India, know what are its symptoms

The Corona epidemic that is wreaking havoc all over the world is still not leaving us. Even though there has been some decline in its cases across the world for some time now, its danger has not gone away yet. In between, various variants of this virus have increased people's worries even more. Meanwhile, once again people's concern regarding this has increased even more. In fact, in China, where this epidemic started, cases of a new subvariant of Corona, JN.1, have now been reported.

This new subvariant of Covid was first identified in Luxembourg, after which its cases started appearing in UK, Iceland, France and America also. Not only this, a case of this subvariant of Corona has been found in India itself. Recently, this new subvariant JN.1 was also confirmed in Kerala. As soon as this case came to light, everyone's concerns have once again started increasing rapidly. In such a situation, today in this article we will know all the things related to this new subvariant of Corona, which is very important for you to know.

What is JN.1?: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this subvariant of Covid is a descendant of Omicron subvariant BA.2.86, which is known as ' Pirola&39; Is also called. According to scientists, there is only one change between JN.1 and BA.2.86 and that is the change in the spike protein. Spike protein also called spike. This looks like small spikes on the surface of the virus. For this reason, virus infection occurs more rapidly in people.

What are the symptoms of JN.1?: Reports say that no specific symptoms of this new subvariant of Corona are visible yet. In such a situation, it is difficult to find out whether its symptoms are different from other variants of Corona or not. If we talk about the common symptoms of Corona, these include the



Constant coughing

Getting tired quickly

Blocked or blocked nose 

runny nose 



How dangerous is the new variant: At present, no detailed information regarding JN.1 has been revealed yet. According to CDC, looking at the increasing cases of this variant, it can be said that either it is more infectious or it can easily escape from our immune system. He also clarified that at present there is no evidence whether JN.1 is more dangerous than other currently existing variants of Covid.

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