New York introduces policy changes for fairer admissions to middle, high schools
New York introduces policy changes for fairer admissions to middle, high schools

The New York City decided to change how its selective middle and high schools admit students in an effort to address concerns that the admissions policies discriminate against students of color and worsen segregation in the schools, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Friday. The mayor re-tweeted the post, “TODAY we announced changes to our high school and middle school admissions policies to make the process fairer. Middle school: One year pause on screens. High school: Eliminate geographic priority over next two years. This will make our schools more inclusive for all students,”

The changes to the high school and middle school policies will confront inequities that were exacerbated by the pandemic, he said, adding that the changes will apply to the 2021 school year, for which admissions are happening now.

The Department of Education (DOE) said middle schools will not use academic records, auditions, or other screens or assessments to evaluate or admit students, and will maintain priority for students living in the district. Priorities for high school admissions will be permanently eliminated this year, and all other geographic priorities like borough residence requirements will be eliminated next year, it added. For high schools that academically “screen” students for admission, the DOE is strongly encouraging them to remove or alter their screens in the year ahead, but they may maintain them.\

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