If you want accurate results on Google search, follow this method

We often use Google to find out about things, but searching for anything on this platform is not so simple. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to search for anything on Google. You must have wasted your time searching for something. Today we will tell you some special ways, with the help of which you will be able to search more things on Google in less time.

If you are searching a sentence, article, or statement on Google, but it is not being found. So you can easily search for that line, article, or statement through a double inverted comma. For example, you had read the article some time ago, in which Delhi's traffic Jam was written. Now if you want to search that article, then you can search in Google in the search box by typing jam in Delhi in double inverted comma ("). After that, Google will show you the same web page where this sentence is used.

You can remove the unnecessary web page while searching on Google using the minus (-) sign. By doing this, you will get the results of the search you desire. As an example, there was a lot of rain in the last few months in Mumbai and if you want to get information related to it, then type 'Mumbai -rain' in Google's search box. After that, you will get the right results of Mumbai rain on Google. 

If you want to find something on Google, for which you have to write the entire line in the search box of Google. But the problem is that you don't remember one or two words of that line. In such a situation, there is no need to worry, you should put an asterisk () sign in place of the forgotten words. After that, you will get the same line with full words. And with this, your problems will be solved easily.

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